Crockpot Triple Cheese Mac and Cheese 2023



  • 16 ounces (450g) elbow macaroni, cooked al dente
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 6 tablespoons butter
  • 1 (12 ounce) can evaporated milk
  • 2 1/2 cups milk (2%)
  • 2 cups cheddar cheese, freshly shredded
  • 8 ounces Velveeta, cubed
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, cubed


  1. Cook the elbow macaroni al dente according to package instructions. Drain and set aside.
  2. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the butter.
  3. In the crockpot, combine the cooked elbow macaroni, melted butter, black pepper, evaporated milk, 2% milk, cheddar cheese, Velveeta, and cream cheese.
  4. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to ensure an even distribution.
  5. Set the crockpot to low heat and cook for 2-4 hours, or until all the cheeses are melted and the mixture becomes creamy. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.
  6. If you diced the cheeses, the cooking time may be shorter, as mentioned in the original recipe.
  7. Once everything is melted and the consistency is smooth, serve the deliciously creamy mac and cheese.
  8. Optional: Garnish with additional shredded cheddar cheese or a sprinkle of black pepper for extra flavor.

Note: Feel free to customize the recipe by adding cooked bacon, diced jalapeños, or breadcrumbs for a crunchy topping.

Enjoy your homemade Crockpot Triple Cheese Mac and Cheese, and big thanks to the original recipe poster!

Here are some helpful tips to make your Crockpot Triple Cheese Mac and Cheese even more delightful:

  1. Cheese Selection:
    • Experiment with different types of cheeses for added flavor complexity. Consider using a blend of sharp cheddar, Monterey Jack, or Gouda.
  2. Herbs and Seasonings:
    • Enhance the flavor with herbs and spices. A pinch of garlic powder, onion powder, or a hint of mustard can add a nice depth to the dish.
  3. Bacon or Ham:
    • Add cooked and crumbled bacon or diced ham for a savory, smoky flavor. The saltiness of bacon complements the creamy cheese.
  4. Vegetable Additions:
    • Mix in sautéed vegetables like diced bell peppers, onions, or spinach for added nutrition and a pop of color. These additions can bring a balance to the richness of the dish.
  5. Hot Sauce or Mustard:
    • For those who enjoy a bit of heat, a dash of hot sauce or a spoonful of Dijon mustard can provide a pleasant kick to the mac and cheese.
  6. Crunchy Toppings:
    • Sprinkle a layer of breadcrumbs or crushed crackers on top before serving. Toasted breadcrumbs can add a delightful crunch and contrast to the creamy texture.
  7. Fresh Herbs as Garnish:
    • Finish the dish with a sprinkle of fresh herbs like chopped parsley or chives for a burst of freshness and color.
  8. Customize with Your Favorite Extras:
    • Customize the mac and cheese with your favorite ingredients, such as diced tomatoes, caramelized onions, or even a drizzle of truffle oil for a luxurious touch.
  9. Use High-Quality Cheese:
    • Whenever possible, use high-quality cheeses for a richer and more flavorful mac and cheese. Freshly grated cheese tends to melt better than pre-packaged shredded cheese.
  10. Adjust Consistency:
    • If the mac and cheese is too thick, you can thin it out with a little more milk. Conversely, if it’s too thin, let it cook uncovered for a bit to allow some moisture to evaporate.

Remember to taste as you go and adjust the seasoning to your liking. Enjoy your delicious Crockpot Triple Cheese Mac and Cheese!

Achieving the perfect Crockpot Triple Cheese Mac and Cheese requires attention to detail and a few secrets to elevate the flavors and textures. Here are some tips:

  1. High-Quality Cheese:
    • Use high-quality cheeses for the best flavor and meltability. Freshly grated cheese tends to melt more smoothly than pre-shredded varieties, which often contain anti-caking agents.
  2. Combination of Cheeses:
    • Create a balanced blend of cheeses for a more complex flavor profile. Combine sharp cheddar for tanginess, Velveeta for creaminess, and cream cheese for a luxurious texture.
  3. Al Dente Pasta:
    • Cook the elbow macaroni al dente before adding them to the Crockpot. This ensures that the pasta maintains a bit of firmness and doesn’t become mushy during the slow cooking process.
  4. Butter and Evaporated Milk:
    • The combination of butter and evaporated milk adds richness to the dish. Make sure to melt the butter and incorporate it well into the mixture for a velvety texture.
  5. Seasoning:
    • Enhance the flavor with the right seasonings. Black pepper is a great start, but feel free to experiment with a pinch of garlic powder, onion powder, or a dash of mustard for depth.
  6. Low and Slow Cooking:
    • Stick to the recommended low setting and cooking time, but keep in mind that individual Crockpots may vary. The slow cooking process allows the cheeses to melt gradually and develop a creamy consistency.
  7. Stir Occasionally:
    • Stir the mac and cheese occasionally during the cooking process to ensure even melting and distribution of the cheeses. This helps prevent sticking to the sides and bottom of the Crockpot.
  8. Cheese Topping:
    • Adding a layer of reserved shredded cheese on top towards the end of cooking and letting it melt creates a gooey and irresistible cheese pull when serving.
  9. Texture Adjustment:
    • If the mac and cheese becomes too thick, you can adjust the consistency by adding a bit more milk. Conversely, if it’s too thin, cook it uncovered for a little longer to allow excess moisture to evaporate.
  10. Serve Immediately:
    • Mac and cheese is best enjoyed fresh and hot. Serve it immediately once the cheeses are fully melted and the texture is creamy.

Remember that the key to the perfect mac and cheese lies in finding the balance between the cheeses, achieving the right consistency, and infusing it with delicious seasonings. Enjoy your culinary masterpiece!

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